Thursday, June 26


Our friends over at FABRICLIVE. have just sent us the latest set from NYC Heavy Bass Champion Drop The Lime, which was recently recorded there.

Friday, July 4th marks a spectacular line-up, with FABRIC guests including Drop The Lime, Switch, Toddla T, Get Familiar and more!

Press play below to listen to DTL's latest set from FABRICLIVE.:

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Wednesday, June 25

Au Revoir Simone To Release Remix/Covers Album

Speaking of fallen snow: Three of the prettiest, most talented girls on the block, Au Revoir Simone are set to release a remix album according to Canadian act MONTAG's official website. He writes:

"I just listened to the Au Revoir Simone's forthcoming remix album and there's some really exciting things on it (remixes but also covers). One of them is a remix by Darkel (who is Jean-Benoît, more precisely on half of French band Air) and a remix by Pacific! that is so summery, it's nuts. The album will have the same tracklisting as the original one on The Bird of Music. I remixed the track called "A Violent Yet Flammable World."

We're through the roof about this. We're huge fans of the ladies who sing so sweetly about very dark things, so we'll be on the look out for it! In the meantime, have a listen to The Teenagers' remix of "Fallen Snow" below. A true gem!

(Oh, and how rad is that picture up there?! Does that not make you want them more? Total Snow White ride @ Disneyland! -- We're a whore for a good press photo!)

Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow (The Teenagers Remix) (YSI)


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PUTTING A CAPS IN YO ASS: Kanye Responds The Bonnaroo Debaucle...

We're not saying... okay we are, but this looks to us like a crazy coke rant, orr maybe Kanye just needs a nap??? He just needs to chill and play another game of Yatzee with Beyonce.
We love one of the commentors, who pretty much sums it up with:
"He's trippin if he thinks anyone is going to read that whole thing."


Tuesday, June 24

NEW DatA - Rapture (Pacific! Remix)

Brand new remix of a new track from french producer DatA. Big things lined up for this man, having remixed Chromeo/M83/TEPR & Felix, all just within the last year.

Have a listen to the Pacific! remix of "Rapture" below, and make sure to buy the single which also features a remix from the Skywriters!


The Beeb Blog Presents: THE LOOK OF THE WEEK

Here at The Beeb Blog, its not always just about bangers and talking smack, you know.
We truly appreciate a nice fabric, a good heel, and a clean underwear if you get the picture.

That's why to shake things up a little, and to bring you the future and leave you there, we've enlisted fellow blogospherian Darryl, of The STREETCLASH Blog.
Each week, Darryl will blow our minds by sharing the babest person he comes across.

So, without further delay, here is who he came upon in Sweden this week (not in that way! gross):

"This first photo in my new (open) relationship with The Beeb Blog comes straight from a Stockholm midsommar party. In Sweden, even if you're two hours away from civilization on some island named after children, it's important to look your best. A few hours later, this midsommar party became exactly what you'd expect from the Swedes. A lot of pickled herring, drunken dancing around a big pole, and sex in the bushes. Sanna here only engaged in two of these though. I think."

Tune in next week for more from Darryl, or visit him HERE.


Thursday, June 19

NEW Snoop & Everlast | My Medicine VIDEO feat. Willie Nelson

Brand new video from Snoop, Everlast & Willie Nelson, who have just recorded their video for the country song "My Medicine" about smoking weed. The song is DOPE! --Badoom ching! No, but seriously this is some new level shit. We knew Snoop was genius, but this song is catchy... the people of Nanaimo, BC are going to go crazy for this!

Catch the brand new video above featuring Dina Lohan, and have a listen to the song below:

Snoop - My Medicine feat. Everlast (YSI)


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NEW Radiohead VIDEO | Big Ideas (Don't Get Any) Nude Remix

A few months back we spoke about the Radiohead Remix Contest that was going on, and shared our preference for our favorite entry. This month, we came across this amazing video for one of those remixes. Check out the 8-bitty charm of James Houston's video above!


Tuesday, June 17


The new Gotham Knight japanime (from the producers of the The Dark Knight & Batman Begins)will be told backwards in a style comparable to the film Memento.
"I thought it would be fun telling the story backwards," explained Olson. "You'll notice that each time the villain appears, he seems to be gaining weapons instead of losing them. That was an intentional nod to Chris Nolan's film."


Monday, June 16

Step By Step -- EW...

This is what having 15 years to practice sounds like -- tragic!
I'm all for Canadian firsts, but when MTV in the states will put Heidi and Spencer on their awards shows, but won't touch The New Kids On The Block's comeback -- you know it's pretty cringe worthy. Way to go MuchMusic! And please, don't even get us started on those annoying ass VJs... (minus maybe a 90's Sook-Yin or George)

If you're into hot geriatric dudes, here are the NKOTB performing @ The MMVAs on Father's Day. Coincidence? Probably not.


Tuesday, June 10

The Beeb Blog Interview: TREASURE FINGERS

This month, THE BEEB along with help from special correspondent Ernold Sane, caught up with none other than DJ/Producer/Remixer, TREASURE FINGERS on the last leg of his School's Out Forever Tour with Kill The Noise. We wanted get to the bottom of how he could possibly remix a Fergie song into something we would like...

SHUT IT! --Okay, you're right... we were already dancing in front of the mirror to Fergz.
Who asked you anyway?! She was a meth addict! And so what.

No matter, this guy is a megatalent whose def on the ups. Someone to watch.
Check out his Cross The Dancefloor (Fool's Gold) 2x12" / Digital EP feat. remixes from Laidback Luke, Chromeo, Lifelike & Curses!



Your remix for One Hand Loves The Other:
There is a band who we wouldn't have expected to have liked, but then they offer remixes from the like of Sta and yourself, and we're suddenly hooked. Smart. How did this come about?

They are based out of Atlanta so we got introduced to each other and they asked me for a remix. I did a remix of their song, "Don't Know". They loved it and asked for another, so I did another. Both can be found on their remix album titled One Hand Loves The Remix.

What is it usually that inspires you initially to want to remix and artist or band, or remix their songs and then put your spin on things?

For remixes, I just get approached by a label or artist's manager to do one for them. If I personally hear something that inspires me, I usually just use that energy to make up a new original tune, ether sampling the old track, or just trying to recreate the vibe of the original track. I do a lot of edits on my own to have for DJing purposes, but they are usually minor changes, either just restructuring the track or adding extra drums or whatever I feel it needs.

Where does the name Treasure Fingers originate? --And be honest!

I'm not at liberty to disclose this information publicly... ;)

You're a busy touring DJ, now with
Fool's Gold, what has been your craziest show yet? And paint that picture for us if you will..

Probably any of our 'F*CK YESSS!' nights that I do with Le Castlevania in Atlanta. It's an 18+ monthly party every first Thursday. It just gets completely out of control, it hits capacity within an hour of the door opening, the stage is always rammed, turntables getting knocked around, crowd surfing, overall just a really hype crowd.

And would you please describe the greatest venue you ever played in for those of us that can only imagine?

Temple in San Francisco is really crazy. For one it's a super nice posh type club, but they have all these other private floors that aren't open to the public with tons of statues, weird walkways, secret chambers, it's a trip. The other club would be this club in Budapest, but I can't remember the name of it. It was just massive complete with pyrotechnics on both sides of the DJ booth, vampire girls swinging over the crowd, vampire go go dancers up on columns, and the night I played there was a Hungarian Playboy party going on in the other room of the club. Pretty wild.

So who has been alot of fun to play with in the past? Any favorites in particular?

It's fun to play with the other Fools Gold fam, Klever, Craze, or anyone else I'm good friends with. I'm usually too busy to hang out with friends during the day, so hanging out with some good friends in the club always makes the night a little better.

Okay so, risking hearing something we might not want to hear, do you see blogs benefiting artists in anyway at the moment, what with the music industry changing the way it is?

It's good and bad, obviously. I think it's good early on to help build up a new artist, but could later cut into sales pretty drastically for established artists. I think as long as blogs play by the rules and only post approved mp3s, it's a really good thing for everyone. I've seen some blogs post entire albums without permission, which is really disrespectful to artists, labels and everyone else involved in the music industry.

Which artists do you think we should look out for in the near future?

Designer Drugs, Kill The Noise, Shazam, Louis La Roche, & Computer Club.

Who are your top three producers from your standpoint, at this very moment?

Laidback Luke, Miami Horror, Rogerseventytwo

What has been one of the most idiotic request you've been requested to play by someone?

"Could you play something like Beyonce, but with a dance beat?" or "DRUM & BASS!!!" errrrr you're at the wrong show dude.

And finally, if you could DJ at any place, land, time, or space, where would it be --and what would you play?

I think I'd go back in time to the early 80s. Probably one of the classic spots; Paradise Garage, The Warehouse or Studio 54, playing disco funk of course :)



Monday, June 9

BISHI - On My Own Again (Cosmic Mix)

One of the raddest girls in pop music who still manages to keep it undergound.
Someone who is often lumped in or compared to people like
M.I.A., but is most obviously a very unique force of her own...

The UK's BISHI has been touring with the likes of Patrick Wolf, and can rock a citar in a silver lamet dress like nobody we've ever laid eyes on.

Her latest single "On My Own Again", was just recorded in Buenos Aires with an authentic tango orchestra and mixed into a fantastic pop anthem by producer Matthew Hardern.

The Bside, "Flash Company", is a setting of a traditional English gypsy song warning young girls of the dangers of promiscuous sex and STDs

Check out a very cosmic mix of
"On My Own Again" below, or go directly to her Myspace to listen to more from BISHI and grab the free download there!

BISHI - On My Own Again (Cosmic Mix) (YSI)


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Buffet Libre DJs - VERBENA No. 4 Mix

The Buffet Libre DJs are back with the 4th installment of their highly successful Verbana series packed with some serious bangers:

  • 1. Sidechains - Buffetlibre's Theme
  • 2. Frankmusik - In Step
  • 3. The Shoes - Knock Out!
  • 4. D*L*I*D - Discovision
  • 4. Grum - Love Disco
  • 6. The Touch - Le Night Dominator
  • 7. Das Pop - Fool For Love (Super7 remix)
  • 8. Jupiter One - Countdown (Designer Drugs extended remix)
  • 9. Moulinex - Lover In Me
  • 10. Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak remix)
  • 11. Crytptonites - Can't Give You Up
  • 12. Primary 1 . Hold Me Down (The Shoes remix)
  • 13. Hearts Revolution - CYOA (LSMR remix)
  • 14. Top Billin - My Girl Wants To
  • 15. Culture Prophet - Death Of The Party
  • 16. Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders remix)
  • 17. Juiceboxxx And Dre Skull - Center Stage (Curses! remix)
  • 18. A-Ha - Hunting High And Low (Louis La Roché remix)
  • 19. The Millioners - Body Into Use
  • 20. Sam Sparro - Black And Gold (Russ Chimes remix)
  • 21. Familjen - Huvudet I Sanden
  • 22. Heartache - Don't Stop (Lifelike remix)
  • 23. Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango (Busy To Disco remix)
  • 24. New Europeans - Dr. Rhythm (Facteur remix)
  • 25. Vitaminsforyou - B4U

Buffet Libre DJs - Verbena No. 4 (ZSHARE)


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Sunday, June 1

NEW Car Commercial Presets - Are You The One? (Lifelike Remix)

Hands down, our hottest producer of the year, Lifelike adds a little something to The Presets' "Are You The One?" from a few years back. Also grab Lifelike's latest DJ set below. An absolute treat!

Lifelike - January 08 Live DJ Set


Clash The Disko Kids "Deaf Tones" Mixtape

The Clash The Disko Kids just sent us their mixtape for June! Check out the tracklisting below, or checkout their Myspace HERE.


01 The Chemical Brothers - Prescription Beats
02 Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Push Music Electro Rub Remix)
03 Robot Needs Oil - Defected
04 Syntonics - Droppin The Bomb (Gingy Remix)
05 Justice - DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
06 Queens of Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry (Streetlife DJs Remix)
07 MSTRKRFT - Neon Knights
08 Shitdisco - 72 Virgins (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
09 Vitamins For You - Flesh Python (Jokers of The Scene Remix)
10 Wolfgang Gartner - Frenetica
11 Hatiras & Jelo - Speakerhumper
12 Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Miles Dyson Remix)
13 Rekorder - Rekorder 00
14 Se:Sa - Like This Like That (Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
15 Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sellout's White Stallion Remix)
16 Outlander - The Vamp (Andre Dalcan Edit)
17 D-Shake - Yaaah
18 Groove Armada - Get Down (Streetlife DJs Remix)
19 Dolby Anol - Puppies
20 Bloody Beetroots - Detroit (Ghetto Edit)
21 Lismore - Paradis (Udachi Remix)
22 Daft Punk - Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger (GhettoRuckus Remix)
23 The Japanese Popstars - Delboy's Revenge
24 Underworld - Cowgirl (Futureshock Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Clash The Disko Kids "Deaf Tones" Mixtape