Wednesday, February 27

Sinéad Can't Get You Out Of Her Shaved Head

One of our favorite dykons is probably Sinéad. We love that her look suites her name kinda, and we also loved G.I. Jane. She's amazing, and really is truly coming into her angry self as she matures its seems.

Recently Sinéad is talking up a storm, and is taking issue with Australian popstar Kylie Minogue. (VIA Splash News):
"But photographers' lenses aren't the only thing annoying Sinead these days. She's got a bone to pick with Kylie Minogue, whose music she describes as "unlistenable." The Irish singer said, "I know Australian fans might want to shoot me for saying this, but that would be a far better option than to listen to one of her albums."
This just doesn't make any sense to us. We never saw this coming and we think about Sinéad O'Connor alot. We thought butch chicks were into stuff like Kylie Minogue. On the L Word it always works to your advantage if you look like Kylie and have the longer hair.... and you show up at a hip cafe to perform randomly one night.

And I'm sure Kylie is into condoms too, Sinéad. She's not the Pope OK, if thats what you were getting at! She's not dead. She still has feelings.


The Beeb Blog Presents: MIXTAPE WEDNESDAY 001

Last week we asked you to send us your best remixes and edits of songs to help us put together our bi-weekly (for now), MIXTAPE WEDNESDAY.

We were hugely impressed by all the user submitted content just chalked full of awesomeness that we've been receiving from you guys, and can only hope that you'll (keep sending us more great stuff each week as we continue to post.

Have a listen to our first official installment of The Beeb Blog's MIXTAPE WEDNESDAY, and whether you are a studio or a bedroom producer, share with us and send your stuff to

  1. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Dusty Diamonds Feet Of Fury Remix) (YSI)
  2. Roxy Cottontail - Kate Moss (Rock Drop Remix) (YSI)
  3. Underworld - Boy, Boy, Boy (Switch Remix) (YSI)
  4. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Waiting For The Monster To Drown (Shoes Remix) (YSI)
  5. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Rock Steady Drew Likes It Raw Remix) (YSI)
  6. Dibaba - The Truth Blending Consortium (Fujasaki's Horror House Remix) (YSI)
  7. M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Remix) (YSI)
  8. Autokratz - It's On (Fisher Preyes Remix) (YSI)
  9. Kevin Saunderson - Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) (YSI)
  10. Boys Noize - & Down (Lil' Bro Peep's Haunted House Remix) (YSI)
  11. Pitsburg Slim - Girls Kiss Girls (Pink is Punk Remix) (YSI)


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Tuesday, February 26

Radiohead - Videotape (Ring Trick Remix)

Its been a few, and we're sorry for slacking but to make it up to you we're sharing this wonderful remix of Radiohead's "Videotape" from producer Ring Trick.

Check out Ring Trick's Myspace HERE for more info.

Radiohead - Videotape (Ring Trick Remix) (YSI)


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Thursday, February 21

Ty Ty's New EW Cov Cov

We can't tell whether she's smiling with her eyes here for us or not. Is this it?

Also we'de like to ask that everyone in the comments section please restrain from referring to her as "Oprah Jr.", as we have had some issues concerning that, so...


NEW Janet Jackson - So Much Betta & 2Nite

There's no better way to secure a stronger hit right now its seems than to sample french electronic duo Daft Punk's past singles, and Janet's production team have got their fingers placed hard on the obvious, throbbing pulse.

Her new album Discipline is taking a lead from Kanye and sampling the Daft track "Daftendirekt" on her new song "So Much Betta".

It's an obvious choice, but its pretty undeniable in terms of a hot and sure-fire-hit for Janet.

Check out "So Much Betta" along with another of Discipline's new tracks called "2Nite".


Janet Jackson - So Much Betta (ZSHARE)

Janet Jackson - 2Nite (ZSHARE)


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Wednesday, February 20

Why Celine Dion Is Better Than You...

The highlight of this one for us was when she dedicates her entire performance to two people we're ALL huge fans of.

If you haven't yet seen the first installment of Celine montages, "Celine Dion Is Fucking Amazing", check it out HERE.


Brit Awards Recap Furthermore:

RiRi & The Klaxons - Umbrella

Winehouse - Love Is a Losing Game

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

Kylie - Wow

Mika & Beth Ditto
(Yuck! Freddie Mercury would never have been such a pussy about it all --WHYYY Beth Ditto?!)



Mark Ronson, Adele, Daniel Merriweather, & Amy Winehouse LIVE @ The Brit Awards

Featuring an amazing crack dance finale...

makes us miss Vancouver.


NEW Lance De Sardi 'The Point'

Haven't posted any tech-ish stuff for a while, so here's some new stuff from San Francisco's Lance De Sardi AKA Land Shark which was just released on brand new digital label Bang The Box ,which is also the name of a monthly SF party they put together.

Have a listen to "Moot Point", their first slow building synth-tech-house number from the label. Enjoy below:

Lance De Sardi - Moot Point (YSI)


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The Beeb Blog is underway with planning a new bi-weekly (for now) post in which we will feature some of the banging-est new remixes and edits submitted to the site.

If you are a producer, (whether it be basement or studio), or DJ, or an "audio artist", whatever --and have some remixes and/or edits you think we should know about, we want to hear from you and share them with our friends here on the site.

Start submitting now to , and we'll get down to business right soon.

The Beeb


Tuesday, February 19

NEW Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Smoothed Out On An R&B Tip Version)

We were never huge fans of the original "Ready For The Floor", and the video drives us absolutely bonkers, and we can't watch it, BUT this R&B version of Hot Chip's new single is exactly what we're looking for. Its really nice:

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Smoothed Out On An R&B Tip Version) (ZSHARE)


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Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia (Silent Partner's Rock Drop Remix)

Don't let the turtlenecks fool you. These two liked to shake their asses ...

Simon and Garfunkel - Cecilia (Silent Partner's Rock Drop Remix) (YSI)

(Find more from Silent Partner HERE)


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Monday, February 18

NEW Headman - Running Into Time (AutoKratz Remix)

Here's a nice remix that was just sent to us of Headman's brand new single "Running Into Time".

Check out AutoKratz' spin on things. Also, be on the lookout, as Headman's new album Catch will next month on GOMMA.

Headman - Running Into Time (AutoKratz Remix) (YSI)


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FIRST LOOK: Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are

Here's a first look of a clip of young Max and his pal in the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are feature film directed by Spike Jonze.

We can't wait to see it!



Our friends over at Fabriclive were kind enough to share with us a killer 30 Minute mix from Miami's Craze in celebration of his brand new FABRICLIVE 38 release. The mix is available for your streaming pleasure along with a tracklisting right down dere:

01. Beanie Sigel - You Ain't Ready For Me - Rocafella
02. Swizz Beats - Money In The Bank - Full Surface
03. Khaled - Holla At Me (Instrumental) - Terror Squad/Kosh
04. Freeway - Lights Get Low - Rocafella
05. Lil Wayne - M.I.A. - Terror Squad/Kosh
06. Breakwater - Release The Beast - Phantom Sound & Vision
07. Gaz - Sing Sing - Salsoul Records
08. Pitbull - Go Girl - TVT Records
09. Connie - Funky Little Beat - Sunnyview Records
10. Freez - I.O.U - Streetwise
11. Freez - I.O.U (Dyce Freestyle's Death Remix) - Streetwise
12. Shannon - Give Me Tonight - Emergency Records
13. Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now - Island
14. Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix) - Southern Fried
15. Sexual Eruption - Sounds Better With You - Geffen/Virgin
16. One More Rainforest...
17. Treasure Fingers - Come True Tonight - n/a
18. M.I.A. - Come Around (ELI Remix) - Interscope
19. The Get Funky Crew - Shake Them Titties - Vision Records
20. Blaqstarr - Shake To The Ground (Claude Vonstroke Remix) - Mad Decent
21. Shala - The Great Chicago Winter (Zebo Remix) - n/a
22. Basement Jaxx - Nifty – Atlantic

You can grab your copy of Craze's FABRICLIVE 38 HERE.


NEW Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie

Just as Britney Spears takes a smoke/frapp break in the old asylum, Dolly Parton steps back in and continues to reign as the original "Backwoods Barbie" at just 62 years old.

We've always loved Dolly Parton. There is something always very inclusive and positive about her and her music, and its totally refreshing. To think she was writing songs like "Dumb Blonde" back in 1967 is pretty rad, and lets not forget that transgressive comedian Amy Sedaris from Strangers with Candy is in her latest video.

Here's "Backwoods Barbie" from Dolly's brand new album of the same title. Enjoy:

Check out DJ Soap's wonderfully club-worthy remix of Dolly's first number one, "Jolene" below aswell.

Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie (ZSHARE)

Dolly Parton - Jolene (DJ Soap's BAMF Remix) (ZSHARE)
(for Juliette)


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Sunday, February 17

WILD COMBINATION: A Portrait Of Arthur Russell

Okay guys, sorry for not posting anything since V-day, but its been a crazy week with the Berlinale Film Festival here, and we're only just now back on track.

We managed to see some really great films this week, and one that really stuck out for us was the new Arthur Russell documentary, WILD COMBINATION by director Matt Wolf.
WILD COMBINATION is director Matt Wolf’s visually absorbing portrait of the seminal avant-garde composer, singer-songwriter, cellist, and disco producer Arthur Russell. Before his untimely death from AIDS in 1992, Arthur prolifically created music that spanned both pop and the transcendent possibilities of abstract art. Now, over fifteen years since his passing, Arthur's work is finally finding its audience. Wolf incorporates rare archival footage and commentary from Arthur's family, friends, and closest collaborators—including Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg—to tell this poignant and important story.
Having known little about Russell to begin with, we thought the film did a really great job of sharing his story and putting a perspective on his huge body of work (known and unknown).

If you're not yet familiar with "disco's lost superstar" and his music, have a listen to some of the better known tracks he produced under different names, along with some original work below.

Enjoy, and go see this film!
(To find out more go to

--Oh, and his dad is "on the blogs" and will Google his son often (as he explains in the film) so we'll just throw a shout-out to Chuck Russell, and if by some chance he comes across this --congratulations on your big-screen debut!

Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Francois Kervorkian Mix) (ZSHARE)

Loose Joints - It's All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix) (ZSHARE)

Arthur Russell - Let's Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix) (ZSHARE)


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Saturday, February 9

NEW Sébastien Tellier - Fingers Of Steel

Here's a new track from Paris' Sébastien Tellier who is about to launch his brand new album on February the 25th.

Sexuality is produced by Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo of Daft Punk/Le Knight Club, and features some very nice melodic pop songs. And can we just look at that gorge album art for a second?

Check out "Fingers of Steel" below:

Sébastien Tellier - Fingers Of Steel (REMOVED BY REQUEST)


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Friday, February 8

The Beeb's Midnight Mountain Mix

After slacking off on the mix front for January, we've finally put together our February selection.

This month we put together some warm basslines and pretty synths with new music from artists like M83, The Chromatics, Boys Noize, Lifelike, The Teenagers and others.

Please, get baked while listening to this month's mix at your local lookout point, or lay staring at the stars from a forest floor. Enjoy!


The Beeb Blog


Thursday, February 7

Bowie & Hudgens: Besties 4 Evs?

It looks like David Bowie and Vanessa Hudgens are gonna learn a few of life's hard lessons together. No, not the one where you learn not to let a boyfriend take naked pictures of you. Vanessa already learned that one.

Bowie is rumoured to have signed on to Hudgens' latest film, "Will" reports JAM! Showbiz:

Are fans of "High School Musical" and Ziggy Stardust about to have an awkward meeting of the minds?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Bowie is in talks to play an unspecified role in the coming-of-age comedy "Will," which will star "HSM" leading lady Vanessa Hudgens.

Also added to the cast of the Walden Media/ Summit Entertainment co-production are Liam Aiken and Lisa Kudrow, who join Hudgens, Aly Michalka and Scott Porter.

Todd Graff and Josh Cagan wrote "Will," which focuses on a high school outcast (Aiken) who forms an unexpected bond and an unexpected band with the most popular girl in school (Hudgens). The story culminates at their school's battle of the bands.

Bowie is totally going to play Vanessa's gay bestfriend in this, we can feel it. Obvious choice. Its a tough game trying to cast someone who rocks more make-up than Zefron.


RETRO REPOST VIDEO EDITION: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW)

Back in 1986 the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW) did this rap chalked full of glamour for the opening sequence of their show. They hit the nail on the head when they called themselves gorgeous. Hooooly shit.

Our preference is torn between Aunt Kitty and her whore tigers, and Jackie Stallone who looks like she was really not expecting to have to shoot this. We're sure finally nailed this on her 50th take.

Who's your favorite?


Robyn LIVE In NYC - Konichiwa Bitches & With Every Heartbeat

We're a bit late on this, but it makes us smile so we thought we'd put it up anyway. Here's Robyn doing "Konichiwa Bitches" and "With Every Heartbeat" live in NYC on Tuesday night. The crowd knows every word.


From Our Mailbox:

This week we recieved some golden reader submitted stuff from electroni-folk artist Eugene Francis Jnr, a Teenagers remix from Poney Poney, and another great remix from those dark and sexy Parisians Fisher Preyes.

Happy Thursday, and don't forget you can also check out more from each artist on their Myspace links below:

1) Eugene Francis Jnr - Poor Me
Eugene's Myspace: HERE

2) The Teenagers - Love No (Poney Poney - Emotion Remix)
Poney Poney's Myspace: HERE

3) INXS - Need You Tonite (Fisher Preyes Remix)
Fisher Preyes' Myspace: HERE

HEY! If you've got something you think we should hear, don't forget to drop us a line @, we'd love to hear from you.


Wednesday, February 6

NEW VIDEO IN 3D: Missy Elliot - Ching A Ling & Shake Your Pom Pom

Here is Missy's new double video for "Ching A Ling" combined with "Shake Your Pom Pom" which was all shot in 3D.

Disney did this shit, no joke. Thats how Disney rolls now. They get behind songs like "Shake Your Pom Pom" & "Ching A Ling"

Aside from the fact its 3D and she's doing something different that way, it doesn't really vary from most Missy videos, and is pretty much "Work It" Lite for us.

But maybe we're wrong? Check it out!


NEW Editors - Acceptable In The 80s (Calvin Harris Cover)

Why is it that when you move to Berlin, everyone asks you if you know the guy from the Editors? Is he the Kevin Bacon of Berlin?

Editors - Acceptable In The 80s (Calvin Harris Cover) (ZSHARE)


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The Latest RollingStone Cover...


An except from the upcoming issue: The Tragedy of Britney Spears

She was a pop princess. Now she's in and out of hospitals, rehab and court. How Britney lost it all.

"A pop star at the mall is an eternal cause for happiness, especially on a Sunday afternoon in the Valley. One moment, shoppers in the Westfield Topanga mall are living in the real world, monotonously selecting a new shade of eye shadow or rubbing perfume on wrists, but upon the rapture of Britney Spears, they are giggling, laughing, orgasmic, already sharing their secret on cell phones. "Her legs are actually really skinny," an adolescent whispers into her Sidekick, as Britney beelines for the Betsey Johnson boutique, pseudo-punk designer of evening dresses and splashy heels worn to suburban high school proms. In person, Britney is shockingly beautiful — clear skin, ruby lips, a perfectly proportioned twenty-six-year-old porcelain doll with a nasty weave. She cuts through the crowd swiftly, the way she used to when 20,000 adoring fans mobbed her outside a concert, with her paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, trailing behind.

Only a few kids are in the store, a young girl with her brother and two blondes checking out fake-gold charm bracelets. Britney rifles the racks as the Cure's "Pictures of You" blasts into the airless pink boutique, grabbing a pink lace dress, a few tight black numbers and a frilly red crop top, the kind of shirt that Britney used to wear all the time at seventeen but isn't really appropriate for anyone over that age. Then she ducks into the dressing room with Ghalib. He emerges with her black Am Ex.

The card won't go through, but they keep trying it.

"Please," begs Ghalib, "get this done quickly."

One of the girls runs to Britney's dressing room, explaining the situation through a pink gauze curtain.

A wail emerges from the cubby — guttural, vile, the kind of base animalistic shriek only heard at a family member's deathbed. "Fuck these bitches," screams Britney, each word ringing out between sobs. "These idiots can't do anything right!"

Ghalib dashes over to console her, but she's already spitting, growling, throwing a big bottle of soda on the floor so that it begins to spill underneath the curtain, and then she's got a box of tissues and is throwing them on top of the wet floor along with piles of discarded merchandise. A new card finally goes through, but by then Britney is out the door, leaving her shirt on the ground and replacing it with the red top. "Fuck you, fuck people, fuck, fuck, fuck," she keeps screaming, her face splotchy and red as she crosses the interminable mall floor, the crowd behind her growing larger and larger. "Leave us alone!" yells Ghalib.

The siblings run after Britney to get a video to put up on YouTube, and some of the shopgirls run after her to hand off the merchandise she left behind, and there's an entire bridal party wearing yellow T-shirts who have pulled out camera phones too. A crush of managers in black shirts and gold name tags try to keep the peace, but the crowd running after Britney gets larger, and now the shopgirls have started to catch up to her, one of them slipping spectacularly in her platform shoes, grazing her elbow. She pulls herself up, mustering the strength to tap Britney's shoulder. "Um, I'm from the South too," she mumbles, "and I was wondering if I could get a picture with you for my little sister."

Britney turns to Ghalib and grabs his arm. "I don't want her talking to me!" she screams. She whirls around and stares the girl deep in the eyes, her lips almost vibrating with anger. "I don't know who you think I am, bitch," she snarls, "but I'm not that person.


Tuesday, February 5

NEW M83 - Couleurs

Wow. This is some of the nicest stuff we've heard from an artist in quite a while.

's new single "Couleurs" is from the forthcoming album Saturdays = Youth, where Gonzalez has chosen to work with dancier production to create that "teenage" energy and turn it into some really beautiful songs.

The influences on this are superb, and the whole Halloween photoshoot thing isn't doing anything to calm us down either.
Here's a bit from his Myspace about the feeling for the new album:
The idea of youth – wasted, gilded or otherwise – has always featured prominently in M83's music. "I loved being a teenager," says Anthony Gonzalez, who is M83. "That's when I discovered music and started to take drugs and party with my friends."

That time of discovery – and of course the era in which Gonzalez was a teenager – greatly impacted the making of "Saturdays = Youth." "On this record I wanted to have the feeling of a teenager mixed with this period of the Eighties," Gonzalez explains.

If the doomy synthetic romance of his earlier work hinted at a fetish for Eighties goth staples such as Sisters of Mercy and The Cure, this album's chiming astro-pop finds Gonzalez taking a stroll on the sunnier side of the decade. Main influences for the album are English bands such as Tears For Fears and Cocteau Twins, as well as classic John Hughes teen movies such as "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" (The red-haired Molly Ringwald look-alike on the cover is no mistake).

To realize his vision, Gonzalez enlisted the help of producers Ken Thomas and Ewan Pearson. Thomas, known for his work with Sigur Ros, Sugarcubes, Cocteau Twins, Suede and Clinic cut his teeth on outré acts such as Psychic TV and Alien Sex Fiend more than 20 years ago. Berlin-based British dance producer Ewan Pearson, who has worked with Tracey Thorn, The Rapture, and Ladytron, came on board to give this album its smooth, modern edge.
If there was ever music worth buying, its music like this -- make sure to buy your copy of the new single featuring remixes from the likes of Jori Hulkonen on the 25th!! Enjoy:

M83 - Couleurs (ZSHARE)


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Sunday, February 3

The Beeb Blog: Now With Facebook

Now you can stay up to date with The Beeb Blog through Facebook.

Add us to the pile of useless groups, petitions, and horrible funwall postings by clicking below. Its that easy!

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The Moment We've All Been Waiting For...

Paula Abdul made her "comeback" performance pre-taped for the Superbowl on Sunday as promised. "It was better than Britney, blah blajh bla..."

They managed to mix the right amount of uppers with downers, and a Paula then made it through the entire song while lypsynching. Congrats! So, as an answer to your earlier question Paula: -- Theres God when ya needim!


Guess The Prescription Drug...

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted Snake (Degree's Bmore Nice Remix)


NEW Simian Mobile Disco - Clock EP

We know, we know... you were all hoping that Coldplay and SMD had collaborated together, or its featuring Chris Martin, and we don't wanna burst your bubble here but... no.

The brand new Clock EP from Simian Mobile Disco is alot more minimal-y-tech-y and completley instrumental, alot different than the banging dance tunes you're likely used to hearing from them. But they're really good! Check out "Simple" & "State Of Things" below, and buy the EP out on March 10th.


ALSO, Upcoming tourdates will include:
  • 02-06 Leeds, England - Cockpit
  • 02-07 Manchester, England - Academy 3
  • 02-08 Newcastle, England - Digital
  • 02-09 Glasgow, Scotland - Arches
  • 02-12 Brighton, England - Digital
  • 02-13 London, England - Astoria
  • 02-14 Bristol, England - Thekla
  • 02-16 Paris, France - Showcase
  • 02-22 London, England - Fabric
  • 03-17 Chicago, IL - Sonotheque
  • 03-19 Atlanta, GA - MJQ Concourse
  • 03-21 Toronto, Ontario - Circa
  • 03-23 Montreal, Quebec - Coda
  • 03-28 New York, NY - Flavorpill Event
  • 04-23 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richard's on Richards
  • 04-24 Seattle, WA - Neumos
  • 04-25 Portland, OR - Holocene
  • 04-26 San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
  • 04-27 Indio, CA - Coachella
  • 05-24-25 Northamptonshire, England - Turweston Aerodrome (Gatecrasher's Summer Sound System)

Simian Mobile Disco - Simple (ZSHARE REUPPED)

Simian Mobile Disco - State Of Things (ZSHARE REUPPED)


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NEW Blaqstarr - Smack (Prodigy Red-Edit From Hollertronix 8)

Its pretty hard to follow a hit like "Shake It To The Ground", but DJ Blaqstarr is smart.

Here's an edit he just did of "Smack My Bitch Up" for the new Hollertronix 8 with DJ Sega.

Blaqstarr - Smack (ZSHARE)


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