Friday, April 25

NEW Radiohead - Nude (Circlesquare Remix)

This whole Radiohead remix contest is so genius to us. From the band's new marketing strategies, to their inclusion of labelmates Holy Fuck's very timely remix, it excites us to see artists thinking in new ways, and finding other means of promoting their music. The new era of music is upon us it seems.

However, we do have our favorites when it comes to the entries. We don't often ask for much, but we're calling you on all the music favours we've dealt. We feel this is very Obama/Clinton of us to ask but...
IF you can get behind ONE Radiohead remix out of this whole competition we would HIGHLY suggest you vote to help in the fight fellow Canadian band Circlesquare's remix to the top of things.

We know, it's they're a very late contender, --what with only a week to go until the competition calls it quits, but we can make a difference. And we're quite confident it will work. Circlesquare has managed to change the song into a tense, droning, slow crawling track that even features vocals some from the lead singer
Jeremy Shaw himself.

Join us to move them forward. Have a listen to Circlesquare's remix of Radiohead's
Nude below by clicking on the play button, and VOTE TODAY! Tell your friends, family, cats, co-workers.
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Radiohead - Nude (Circlesquare Remix)(ZSHARE)