Tuesday, October 2

TheBeebBlog.com Interview: MIAMI HORROR

TheBeebBlog.com correspondent Jeff Lawrence, and 80's-disco-synthsation MIAMI HORROR, got to chatting recently to discuss the Melbourne DJ/Producer's upcoming Bravado EP, producing Gameboy/Gamegirl's upcoming release, aswell as to talk about everything from Melbourne's nightlife, to "Blog House", and even special rum balls.

BB: It's seems apparent that you have taken your name from a movie epitomizing what ruled about the 80's. Is that what you're setting out to do with your music, and why?

MH: Actually, I didn't take my name from a movie, it was a combination of influences and I don't want it to represent the movie or specifically only the 80s. I like the fact that it gives that certain feel to some as the movie is relevant to my style in someways, however with my music I am setting out to create a combination of everything I like about music, I want people to be able to feel more than just the vibration on their ear drums.
I do like alot of retro pop such as 60s rock, 70s and 80s disco classics as they are not fitting to any modern genre and some songs are timeless. I am trying to create music that anyone can feel and enjoy, whether it be in a club or at home, whether they be 6yr old or 55yr old and whether it be now or in 10yrs..

BB: What's happening in Melbourne right now, and for those of us on this side of the world, what is LICK IT?

MH: Melbourne is amazing, it is a very small tight community and alot of people are creative. The music that is coming out of it is at a high standard in relation to population size and will continue to boom for many years to come. What I like most is Melbourne pushes its own direction rather than necessarily trying to copy everything else out there, there is a very nice sound traveling underground in Melbourne and I think the world needs to listen even closer than they already are.

Lickit was initially a cool night that was run up in Brisbane qld but has recently been brought down to Melbourne. They tour some of the smaller -medium indie electro acts, such as Guns And Bombs, Data and D.I.M. For one of their next events they are holding it in an old theatre out of the city which I think is great as it will have alot more character than some of the tedious club nights.

BB: What was in your mind when you were putting together "Don't Be On With Her?" That song still kills everyone, every time I play it!

MH: I just started it from a feeling,and made it very quickly.. It is one of the first songs I was totally happy with because it is a complete summary of one particular style I love. It also seems to have the effect I mentioned above and even some of the 'cheesy music' haters love it. So I'm glad it has the cross effect -- P.S. Its not finished yet, and hopefully will sound alot better.

BB: How did you hook up with Curtis Vodka, and tell us about TIGRTRON? (What kind of sound you are going for, etc) When will some tracks be released?

MH: He just contacted me and I knew about his stuff so was very excited about working with him.. We were going for both a horror soundtrack style and a funky fun 80s boogie style. We have some half finished tracks that we may get back around to, the problem at the moment is I have had to push it to the side for sake of finishing my own EP and Gameboy/Gamegirl's EP. I am also working on a track to get it out before the Australian summer with Grafton Primary.. It is called "Music is Magic", and it is one of my favorite tracks I have ever worked and if everyone had my taste in music it would be huge :) So keep a very keen eye out for that, it is very fun!

BB: Any plans to come to North America soon?

MH: Yeah I am coming to LA and NY with a SanFran detour. I will be in LA from the 21st-27th and in NY from 28th-2nd, playing DJ sets around the place. I am supporting Digitalism on 26th in SanFran if things work out with visas. I am still looking for more gigs to play at. I have made several friends in LA and am extremely excited about partying down there!

BB: Bravado is coming out soon, describe it in 5-7 words:



Well apparently it is dance music that is posted on blogs, however I don't really think you can define a music genre simply because the track was posted on a blog. I just find it annoying when people say they play "blog house" 1. its not house. 2. Just because it was posted on a blog doesn't mean anyone knows exactly what style it is.

BB: "Short Dick Man" - best song to come out of the 90's?

MH: According to the GBGG kids.

BB: Craziest party story?

MH: Buying these 'special' rum balls from this lady in Byron Bay before the massive splendour in the grass festival. The consequence was me freaking out for the rest of the night and speaking crap to important people I shouldn't be speaking crap to.

Codebreaker - Exiled (We Don't Need No) (MIAMI HORROR Remix)

-Jeff Lawrence