Wednesday, January 14

Like watching paint drip

Charlie McCarthy's an artist, (we assume a painter by trade) who decided to film the drops of paint he was working with. Good idea.
Now he's successfully working in video.

Sunday, January 11

The Beeb Blog's RETROREPOST: Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Joakim Edit)

Everywhere I look, dead Christmas trees. A unique thing I had never seen before moving to Germany is that people just dump the used trees anywhere on the street. No designated pile, no obligations to get it to a dump...

Severed stumps everywhere!
So we find it quite fitting to share with you Joakim's edit of one of our favorites, "Dead Eyes Opened" by the Severed Heads. When you hear this song (1984), its def of hard to believe this was 25 years ago!

Check it out below, along with their ultra-high budget video. --Which kind of looks like it was hand-edited by a 3 year old, or the goth girl who sat behind me in my math class, and would just shake her head and mockingly laugh at anything I would attempt to say... Well guess what Aldornia? I've got a blog now!


Make sure to support the artist &
buy some of their music here!


Wednesday, January 7