Monday, June 9

BISHI - On My Own Again (Cosmic Mix)

One of the raddest girls in pop music who still manages to keep it undergound.
Someone who is often lumped in or compared to people like
M.I.A., but is most obviously a very unique force of her own...

The UK's BISHI has been touring with the likes of Patrick Wolf, and can rock a citar in a silver lamet dress like nobody we've ever laid eyes on.

Her latest single "On My Own Again", was just recorded in Buenos Aires with an authentic tango orchestra and mixed into a fantastic pop anthem by producer Matthew Hardern.

The Bside, "Flash Company", is a setting of a traditional English gypsy song warning young girls of the dangers of promiscuous sex and STDs

Check out a very cosmic mix of
"On My Own Again" below, or go directly to her Myspace to listen to more from BISHI and grab the free download there!

BISHI - On My Own Again (Cosmic Mix) (YSI)


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