Tuesday, June 24

The Beeb Blog Presents: THE LOOK OF THE WEEK

Here at The Beeb Blog, its not always just about bangers and talking smack, you know.
We truly appreciate a nice fabric, a good heel, and a clean underwear if you get the picture.

That's why to shake things up a little, and to bring you the future and leave you there, we've enlisted fellow blogospherian Darryl, of The STREETCLASH Blog.
Each week, Darryl will blow our minds by sharing the babest person he comes across.

So, without further delay, here is who he came upon in Sweden this week (not in that way! gross):

"This first photo in my new (open) relationship with The Beeb Blog comes straight from a Stockholm midsommar party. In Sweden, even if you're two hours away from civilization on some island named after children, it's important to look your best. A few hours later, this midsommar party became exactly what you'd expect from the Swedes. A lot of pickled herring, drunken dancing around a big pole, and sex in the bushes. Sanna here only engaged in two of these though. I think."

Tune in next week for more from Darryl, or visit him HERE.