Wednesday, May 14

NEW Scarlett Johansson - I Wish I Was In New Orleans

Remember a few months back how we intuitively told you we knew how excited you all were about Scarlett Johansson's upcoming Tom Waits covers album? --We'll theres your answer. That's the great thing about being overly sarcastic. Sometimes you're right, even if you didn't intend to be... It's win-win.

It's actually pretty awesome that Scarlett Johansson kind of blew our socks off with this, because we were ready to chug the Haterade pretty hard. It's too easy though. The production is amazing, David Bowie is on it. It's somehow worked its charms on us.

Here's probably about the only song you haven't heard from the album,
"I Wish I Was In New Orleans" (it makes us sleepy) along with some real Tom Waits.

Scarlett Johansson - I Wish I Was In New Orleans (ZSHARE)

Tom Waits - Downtown Train (YSI)


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