Tuesday, May 13

NEW Late Of The Pier - Space Of The Woods

I think when a new all-boy band comes out, especially nowadays there definitely is one very important question we need to ask eachother, and that is "Who's your favorite?".

We've decided we like the ginge. WHAT? Don't hold that against us!

Aside from that, these guys seem different from their (likely compared to) fellow bands. One commenter on the Youtube page we grabbed this video from nailed it when he said they sounded like Tubeway Army #2. We think thats good, and we also have a strong a feeling there is less flat-iron involved with these guys than with
Pete Wentz.

Nonetheless, check out Late Of the Pier's new video for "Space Of The Woods"
, along with a completely different sounding remix from Primary 1 below. They've just released a double A-side which you can purchase HERE.

Late Of The Pier - Space Of The Woods (Primary 1 Remix (ZSHARE)