Thursday, May 29

The Coast Is With The Most Is

Since landing in our homeland on Thursday its been pretty full-on!

On Monday night we had the pleasure of checking out a rad party in a place some would say is a just a sleepy retirement city littered with churches.

NO SRSLY is a night which waters down that repuatation. You'll find the crowd filling the dancefloor just as soon as the doors open, and theres remarkably good energy in the room, --something you rarely see in a world full of seemingly jaded electroni-hipster parties.

DJ duo BNGZ 'N KRLZ are responsible for the party each week, often being joined by Fastlife's DJ Ernold Sane and party photog-extrodinaire, Scott Loudoun.

You can grab yourself a piece of NO SRSLY with two mixes and a brand new remix from them below.
The first, a contribution from BNGZ 'N KRLZ, followed by a another from Ernold Sane, and a remix done for band Theset. Check it out!

BNGZ 'N KRLZ's May Let's just Rave Mix

Van She - Strangers (Yuksek remix)
NROTB - Take Me Upp!
Hearts Revolution - CYOA (Flosstradamus remix)
Dune - Bloodlines (Herve remix)
Mr. Miyagi - Pick Your Poison - (JFK remix)
Hostage - Gluttony (Bloody Beetroots remix)
Theset - Never Odd or Even (BNGZ 'N KRLZ remix)
Hod Rod ft. B. Dozier + Tila Tequila - I Like to Fuck


Theset - Never Odd
or Even (BNGZ 'N KRLZ Remix)