Sunday, January 6

The Rakes & Alan Donohoe

We've been seeing Alan Donohoe pop up alot lately in a bunch of different stuff, so we thought we might share with you some of The Rakes, along with a side song he's done.

Alan says he writes his lyrics down in notes to himself on his mobile phone whenever they pop into his head, which I guess is where songs like "The World Was A Mess, But His Hair Was Perfect" and "When Tom Cruise Cries" have spawned from.

(We can't really get past that last song title, because the visual of Tom Cruise trying to cry convincingly, is a wonderful thing. Like smelling farts.)

At any rate, here is a really lovely polished up, extended version of "The World Was A Mess, But His Hair Was Perfect" which was done for a Dior fashion show a while back, and Groove Armada's cover of Madonna's "Crazy For You" featuring Alan Donohoe. We suspect it will be an even bigger year for The Rakes in 2008. Enjoy!

The Rakes - The World Was A Mess, But His Hair Was Perfect (Dior Extended Version) (YSI)

The Rakes - When Tom Cruise Cries (YSI)

Groove Armada featuring Alan Donohoe - Crazy For You (Madonna Cover) (YSI)


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