Tuesday, September 25

Video Director Of The Moment: Meet Jaron Albertin

I have been seeing alot of great videos from director Jaron Albertin popping up lately. Whether I'm a fan of the artist or the song at hand or not, I can't help but be drawn in to pay attention to his videos.

Albertin is apparently a Vancouver native who has since relocated out east to Toronto where he has now done videos for bands like Metric/Emily Haines, Cut Copy, Circlesquare, & Dave Gahan.

Here is his latest video for Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, which looks as if its been shot with heat sensitive film.

And here is some of his past work:

Circlesquare - "7 Minutes"

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeletons - "Doctor Blind"

Dave Gahan - "Kingdom"