Friday, August 10

My Parents' Basement, Eternally

When I was five, Nintendo was all I did. When I was 11, it was my Sega Genesis. Then it was King's Quest, Lesuire Suit Larry, and Laura Bow: Female Detective, and thats just a little too close to now, so we won't really get into that... I'm just glad I didn't end up casting armour spells on a level 5 mage at 4am while the birds were chirping.

But there is one site I've discovered that forces me to relapse once in a while.

Every Video Game Ever has pretty much anything from Nintendo 1, up to Sega Genesis that you can remember playing, and you can play it again whithin a just few seconds of searching for your favorites.

Castlevania, CONTRA, Bubble Bobble, Paperboy, its all there, so don't forget about your girlfriend/boyfriend, if you have one.