Friday, August 10

Can You Dig It?

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve is the type of band that rarely comes along, and is executed so brilliantly. Its kinda what contributes to making me cringe when I heard another shitty band, trying hard to sound like Eddie Vedder, hit number one on the radio.

The band is Erol Alkan's, (AKA co-founder of London club night TRASH, Mustapha 3000) side project, who described their work as sounding like:

cruising altitude, the perfect hit, synesthasia, psychotronic evolution, phazers on stun, boil the kettle mother, strange things are happening.
The sound reminds me of what it might feel like to sit in a heroin den in Morocco in the 1960s, if there ever was such a place.

So have a listen to see what I mean, preferably after smoking some of that fine kine of course:

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Dig It
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Aglarsa Anom Aglar
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Electric Bananas

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