Thursday, August 7

NEW Van She - V

If you've even been a fan of Van She or Van She Tech, you've probably been wondering about or waiting for a recent release from them. It seems like ages since their last album. Their remixes have been peppered throughout the internet and have been met with huge success, and Crystal Castles even took "Sex City" and cut it up for their track "Vanished".

Finally, Van She is ready to release their new album V, which is a combination of the many different forms they take on.

We're more partial to the techtronic Van She Tech, so we were pleased to find the synthier "Temps Mort" on this album, which although is short, is still nice a nice break from the band's other material.

Their hit "Kelly" which was originally released (at least a year ago?), has seemingly taken on the traits of it's Cut Copy remix, and has made it it's own with a bit of a re-recorded twist.

None-the-less, the band is set to follow down the same path which has given their fellow Australian act such major success this year.

You can purchase V on the 9th via MODULAR, & check out their Myspace for upcomings dates!

Have a listen to "Temps Mort" & the new "Kelly" below:


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