Sunday, July 20

BITCHFIGHT DRAMA: The GZA - Paper Plate (50 Cent Diss)

Pffffft, please.

50 Cent is worth like half a billion dollars. FOR REAL. He's been shot 50 times, and lived.

we're sure he's busy being devestated, as he's laughing into a bed covered in money and women.

This GZA/50 Cent fued has about as much weight and as the made-for-press fued Hilary Duff vs Lindsay Lohan had about Aaron Carter.

Come to think of it though, that whole Lohan/Carter bromance does makes perfect sense to us now, considering Aaron resembles a 40 year old retired female gym teacher, or say maybe -- a haggard 30-something, female Los Angeles party DJ.

Grab a delicious Vitamin Water, and have a listen to "Paper Plate" below:

GZA - Paper Plate (50 Cent Diss) (YSI)


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