Friday, May 9

NEW Lindsay Lohan - Bossy

Oh, how we cherish that precious picture above. That's kinda what the old man in the hospital bed next to us looked like when we got our appendix taken out. He ended up crapping himself, and then the hospital just tried to cover it up with this really bad White Musk cologne. It didn't work, it just became really sweet smelling...

Anyway, we're getting distracted from the matter at hand --if
Lindsay Lohan did coke with, and then probably slept with Chromeo, you might get the jist of what her awwwwful new single sounds like. We know... Kelis did it like 2 years ago and it sounded about a thousand times better than this piece of crap, and again Blohan sets the bar for her fan(s) by singing about how she always gets what she wants, and she's just little bossy --so deal with it. Boring. Think about all the things she's seen that she could sing about! We need to know what kind of beauty products Samantha Ronson uses.

You can have a listen to the song below.

Lindsay Lohan - Bossy (ZSHARE)



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