Tuesday, April 8


"The beamz™ unleashes the musical creativity that's harbored in every soul."
Bwahahahahahahaha! Uh, no thanks. This commercial for beamz™ Music Performance System unleashes something thats harbored in us, but we don't know about the whole soul part. It's feeling alot more bowel related.

Where do we start?!

1) Um, Did they find these "actors" on Craigslist?
We're pretty sure the people in this are current/future porno actors on their days off. There is something oddly gross about watching these excuses for humans interact.

2) The product looks like someone took a patio chair and turned it on its head.

3) What is up with the whole marketing angle they're taking with the father/son time?! The only thing the beamz will do is make your kids gay. Seriously. Once they cross those lazers, their genetics will be changed forever.

We're not really sure where this is going, and we want to ask you who out of everyone in this you want to harm most, but we won't...so