Wednesday, April 16


Hey folks, our bi-weekly MIXTAPE WEDNESDAY is coming right up, but first we're onto introducing a new post we'll be doing monthly regarding a certain party that stands out to us.

So from this day forth, we ALSO want to hear about your hottest parties! Don't send us your weekly newsletter or any of that shit, that will just annoy us. But IF you have a party that you would like to share with us, no matter where in the world you might sit, and you know that its worth knowing about ---then LET US KNOW!

Not only will we post the flyer, but we will also post a song which we feel ties into the event. That could get gross, but have faith in us.

Anyway, this month, we've got good old miss Amanda Lepore performing alongside the legendary House Of Venus @ MIXED-UP! Saturdays @ Vancouver's The Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward), Saturday May 3rd.

The world's most famous shim will also be accompanied by the always fabulous feminem-rap-star Cazwell, so don't miss it!

To celebrate, feel free to grab Amanda's "My Pussy (Swanque Remix)" below.
It's bangin'!

Amanda Lepore - My Pussy (Swanque Remix)