Sunday, March 23

Come quietly... or there will be trouble: ROBOCOP Remake???

Everyone is up in arms about remaking ROBOCOP, but we love this idea! It reminds us of bad Nintendo games and good Macdonald's Happy Meals.
Shit, come to think of it we want like an airbrushed version of that Nintendo game, but on a t-shirt really bad.

Anyway, this isn't some elaborate fabricated lie from us like usual, --theres actual proof as MGM has released their possible plans to develope several new projects HERE. (via AICN)
"MGM is planning an exciting fall and winter release schedule. In partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM will bring new installments of two of its tentpole franchises -- the new James Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE and Steve Martin in PINK PANTHER 2. MGM will also release United Artists' international thriller VALKYRIE, starring Tom Cruise on October 3. With the appointment of Parent, MGM will enter its new phase of evolution by focusing on its major movie franchises highlighted by JAMES BOND and PINK PANTHER sequels, THE HOBBIT, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 2, THE OUTER LIMITS, ROBOCOP, DEATH WISH and FAME, among others."
AICN makes a really great point though by saying that they are getting their panties in a twist because ROBOCOP kept losing it's awesome edge as the sequels progressed, so where does that leave us with sensorship and watering down things in 2009? Heres a bit of that edge in all amazing its glory: