Thursday, January 24

Let's Go Outside Live Set Mix

Our friends over at Fabric London thought to give us the heads-up on their upcoming party next Saturday the 2nd.

Newly signed Soma Records artist, Let's Go Outside whos new album drops on the 28th will be there live along with a bevvy of others including Andy Weatherall, who we love.

They were nice enough to provide us with this killer set LGO did recently, which you can listen to and download below. Enjoy!

Let's Go Outside (LIVE Set) (DIRECT)

LGO LIVE PA Tracklisting:

01 Old Times feat Christina Broussard
02 Peripheral
03 Bloodletting*
04 I'll Lick Your Spine feat Christina Broussard
05 You Make Me Struggle
06 Captain Suckbeard
07 Subdivision
08 Faceplant
09 Head Tape*
10 One Foot in My Mind, the Other in Your Face

HEY! If you're throwing a major party or a DJ set you think we should hear about, let us know @ We're waiting to hear from you!