Tuesday, December 4

David Bowie - Helden

Life in LA had left me with an overwhelming sense of foreboding. I had approached the brink of drug induced calamity one too many times and it was essential to take some kind of positive action. For many years Berlin had appealed to me as a sort of sanctuary like situation. It was one of the few cities where I could move around in virtual anonymity. I was going broke; it was cheap to live. For some reason, Berliners just didn't care. Well, not about an English rock singer anyway.
- David Bowie

What better way to mark our third week after arriving in wundervoll Berlin, than with a heavily Berlin-related post.

Here is "Helden", Bowie's German take on "Heroes". He recorded the version for Christiane F., a movie about Berlin's drug scene in the 1970s. I've also posted a clip of Bowie in the film performing "Station To Station".

David Bowie - Helden (YSI)

David Bowie - Helden (ZSHARE)


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