Tuesday, December 18

Circlesquare - Untitled (For Christmas)

For the last few years, this Christmas song from Circlesquare has been haunting about the Internet. This year, we finally got our hands on a mastered copy!
It's wikked!

"Untitled (For Christmas)" sticks out for us, because its not really your typical Christmas song. They go and fuse some dark bass with really lovely lonely-road guitar, and strays far from your traditionally chipper holiday tunes.

And, after not hearing anything from the band since their label Output Recordings folded last year, you can expect to hear alot more from them in 2008. Their forthcoming album is rumoured to be named Songs about Dancing & Drugs, and there are also rumours that they plan to release the record via Ghostly International for America.

Have a listen to the song below. You can also visit their store HERE to get access to CDs/Vinyl that have been long unavailable up until now.

Circlesquare - Untitled (For Christmas)