Friday, October 19

NEW Todosantos - OMG We Got It (Cousin Cole El Polo Acido Remix)

A few weeks back we shared a couple remixes from Cousin Cole, who we said had helped turn some pretty bland hiphop tracks into something spectacular.

This week CC sent us his brand new remix of "OMG We Got It" by Venezuelan/Brooklyn band, Todosantos.

The remix is a bit different from past work by Cousin Cole, which is a bit more "disco-acid" than his usual stuff, but good none-the-less.

You can buy the song on the Acid Girlzzz Vinyl EP out now on Flamin Hotz, a translucent yellow and red vinyl which comes complete with 3D glasses, and a free DVD.

I think this may be my favorite yet:

Todosantos - OMG We Got It (Cousin Cole Remix)(YouSendIt)

Todosantos - OMG We Got It (Cousin Cole Remix)(ZSHARE)

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