Friday, October 26

The Beeb's Halloween Interview: DANGEROUS MUSE

The Beeb loves Halloween.
So, naturally we sought out fellow fanatics,
Tom Napack and Mike Furey of electropop duo Dangerous Muse, as they prepare for the ultimate Halloween party themselves. The boys share with us some of their favorite Halloween pastimes, aswell as a few things they wish they hadn't seen:

So, what is your earliest memory of Halloween?

T: I remember back in kindergarden my elementary school had a parade
in which every kid in costume walked across the assembly stage and was
judged by their costumes. I had seen a lot of classic monster movies
by that time but Dracula was my favorite. I made my mom make me (not
buy) a Dracula costume complete with cape, fangs, and white makeup. I
suppose that's probably my earliest memory of wearing makeup as well.
Oh and I won the best costume for my class.

M: I remember lugging huge pillow cases full of candy around freezing
cold streets. I grew up in Maine, so whatever costume you wore had to
allow you to also wear a full-on sweat suit and jacket UNDERNEATH it.
There were lots of fat vampires.

What do you think is going to be a huge costume this year?

T: This year it's all about Britney.

M: Britney goes without saying. But I think for the guys some Pirates
of the Caribbean shit will be going down. Typical.

What are two films you might pull out around Halloween?

T: I love horror and vampire movies so it's hard to say which only
come out for Halloween. I usually try to watch some slasher films that
I haven't seen, I just saw Hellraiser II this week. It was so

M: I'm a fan of twisted movies more so than straight up horror films,
but I do love the "Halloween" series. That piano riff is so sick. I'll
probably be pulling something else out on Halloween, though.

Arrrrrreow! -- Alright then, whats the worst costume you've ever seen, and why?

T: The worst costume I ever saw was a kid dressed as an alien. He had
a big white mesh helmet on and was dressed from head to toe
in white clothing. He really just looked like a giant 14 year old

M: I always hate it when guys cross dress on Halloween almost as an
excuse to exercise their desires to wear hosery. It's like give me a
fucking break. If you wanna wear panties, do it on an off day. Dare to
be more of a freak on Halloween.

Whats the worst costumed you've ever donned, and why?

T: The worst costume I ever wore was "goth-rocker." Not that anyone
else thought it was bad but for me to walk around with a guitar,
dressed in all black with eye make up really just isn't a stretch and
I think Halloween costumes should not be taken from your everyday

M: I tend to block out bad experiences in my life, including terrible costumes.

What are your top 3 all-time Halloween jams?

T: Well for me "Every Day is Halloween," but right now I've been
listening to Ministry's "Twitch." Maybe that's Halloween-y. I live right
next to a college campus so if I were going to be home this year,
maybe I would give out jell-o shots and play The Devil's Rejects
Soundtrack. That's pretty scary.

M: I definitely don't have Halloween jams. But I do love Thriller.

Tell us a bit about this Halloween bash you're performing at this week:

M: We are going to be performing the Josh Harris club edit of our
cover "Every Day is Halloween" at our favorite Halloween party in New
York City, thrown by Susanne Bartsch, on Halloween Night. The party
will take place at Avalon (the old Lime Light, where Party Monster
Michael Alig threw his parties before he went to prison). The space is
a converted gothic church with lots of stained glass and cathedral
ceilings -- perfect for a legendary Halloween party. We are expecting
between 2,500 and 3,000 people. $20 at the door. There will be witches
flying on broomsticks (literally), an enchanted forest, and freaks
galore. We will be performing from a suspended scaffolding hanging in
the middle of the crowd. The party is going to be abosolutely insane.
Happy Halloween everyone!

"Every Day is Halloween" cover will be available October 30th on
iTunes and You can purchase it by going to after
11pm EST on the night of October 29th.

If you can't wait til then, you can also preview the song on the boys' Myspace HERE and check out their store HERE.