Monday, August 20

Don't Slap Me, Cuz I'm Not In The Mood.

I had to leave my condo to come to this?
Well, I’m back, but this time I’m with my man
And these women are puttin’ their hands all over his
Yamamoto Kanzai sweater that I bought
And I’m much, much unhappy about that
I’d hate to come down to their level and become a BW
A basic woman
But if they don’t stop it’s gonna get scandalous.

That's how Klymaxx's "Meeting In The Ladies Room" starts.

The 80s super R&B group consisted of six women. Lead vocalist Lorena Porter was known to break into talking throughout their songs and the attitude they throw is amazing.

Another of their gems, "The Men All Pause" includes this poetic masterpiece:

I knew I was lookin' good
I had my Kenneth Cole shoes on,
My Gianni Versace blue leather suit,
My nails were done, and my hair was feirce (Fierce),
I was ridin' in my Cooper's limousine
(Don't chu want to ride)

If the whole urban bitch vibe wasn't enough for you, the 80s-designer-label dropping will seal the deal.

Below is another video from Klymaxx, along with the mp3s of both tracks.

Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
Klymaxx - The Men All Pause

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